15 Most Popular (NON BLOCKED) Torrent Sites

You require a list Best Torrent Sites that is regularly updated and urges trackers which truly operate .

Preparing a list in this way isn't a simple task as soon as an superb site can vanish virtually overnight. With numerous adjustments and shutdowns in the last couple of decades , as well as numerous fair websites filled with low-quality torrents or malware, you require a listing of reputable torrent search engines.

Tormenting (and torrent websites ) isn't dead. It just Requires a little Longer to obtain the concealed, working stone. Do not worry: we have completed the Hard job for you.


1. The Pirate Bay

Prominent FeaturesIncredibly popular; Millions of torrents; Magnet links supported; Easy navigation.
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, music, games, applications, adult content, ebooks.
AvailabilityBanned in a number of countries (but accessible via mirror URLs.)
Library SizeMore than 3,300,000 files.
Mirror URLsLink 1, Link 2
VisitThe Pirate Bay

It has been in existence for so long as we could recall. It has been murdered and more times than we could count. It seems like TPB will be around for the remainder of eternity. It has even endured through having its creators jailed.

The Pirate Bay remains the hottest and certainly best-known torrent website online. As a result of this, you will discover pretty much any mainstream torrent here. On the other hand, the website's layout has grown a tiny conservative.

The website was pressured to this route as more and more of its own marketing income becomes cut off. If you are OK with donating just a small power and CPU time to encourage these men, then they're worth paying a visit. In case you opt to do this, here is the best way to download torrents from The Pirate Bay.



Prominent FeaturesSolid reputation; Clean UI; Rich torrent library.
Types of ContentMovies, games, music, software, adult content.
AvailabilityBanned in several countries (Bulgaria, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland).
Library SizeMore than 800,000 files.
Mirror URLsLink 1, Link 2

Becoming an effective torrenting website is a sword that is pleated. Being among the earliest websites of the sort, it was able to endure many ups and downs -- and remains among the best torrent websites in 2019.

Now, RARBG is back on the internet and supplying a massive number of torrents. Sheer torrent amounts aren't that unique anymore though. For that reason, it causes this record not just because it's so comprehensive, but since the website features a clean layout. Even if it appears thin and simple, the procedure for locating the torrent you need is crystal clear and fast.

Last, you should be aware that RARBG is targeted by many of online providers. Consequently may not have the ability to open it into your internet browser. But it is possible to have a peek at our listing of the greatest VPN for torrenting to work out this matter and best as Torrent Butler.


4. Monova

Monova Torrent Site

Prominent FeaturesMobile-friendly UI; Prominent search tool; Lots of torrents.
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, games, software, pictures, ebooks, adult content.
AvailabilityAvailable in the entire world.
Library SizeUnknown (500,000+ presumably).
Mirror URLsLink 1

Not to be mistaken with all the now-defunct Mininova, Monova presents us with a blank interface which works really nicely on browsers. In addition, we enjoy the fact which you are able to seek out a torrent by copying its own hash string into the text box, and this is not something we frequently see.

Locating torrents on Monova is quite straightforward. But, you will also find a lot of advertisements that may be bothersome occasionally. Though we're convinced none of them are malicious, Monova is pushing against them really tough. If you are prepared to miss this barrier, you will enjoy what you see.


5. YTS

YTS.AG Torrent Site

Prominent FeaturesGreat for movies; Encoded files with low size; Nicely designed UI.
Types of ContentMovie files (720p, 1080p, and 3D).
AvailabilityBanned in Ireland (accessible via mirror URLs).
Library SizeMore than 9,000 torrent files.
Mirror URLsLink 1

Everybody in the torrenting sport includes a soft spot for those people from YIFY. Regrettably, YIFY was closed down amidst enormous legal dangers and therefore are, it appears, gone forever. So the very first thing that you need to be aware of is that YTS isn't YIFY.

Mainly because the folks behind YTS acknowledge they aren't the first YIFY, but need to continue the job that YIFY did.

YIFY was well known for aggressively-optimized audio and video encoding. They achieved a number of the most effective quality-to-size ratios seen. A lot of people with restricted online bandwidth, particularly in 3rd-world nations that may not even see theatrical releases, were tremendously thankful for YIFY. Though YTS isn't YIFY, but they're doing a fantastic job of producing media encodes that carry on the soul of the work. That is the reason you need to know about these.


6. Torrentz2


Prominent FeaturesCapable search engine; Vibrant community; Verified torrents.
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, music, applications, games, ebooks, and more.
AvailabilityMight be targeted by individual ISPs.
Library SizeCurrently indexes over 61,000,000 torrent files.
Mirror URLsLink 1, Link 2

Torrentz2.eu doesn’t host torrents, so technically it isn’t really a torrent site. It is, in fact, a meta-search engine. All that means it they search other torrent trackers for you.

The site is simple and fast. It’s incredibly useful for locating obscure or very old content. You can also find the healthiest torrent on the Web of any particular content. If you can find what you’re looking for through Torrentz2, then you probably won’t find it, period. Also, make sure to read our guide on how to download torrents from Torrentz2.

As you’ll read on the homepage of the site and as the name suggests, this is a second attempt at creating such a site. The original Torrentz site is, sadly, long gone. The internet is like a hydra though, cut off one head and two will replace it!

7. 1337X


Prominent FeaturesReputable tracker; Rich torrent library; Easy navigation.
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, games, music, applications, anime, adult content.
AvailabilityBanned in Australia, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom.
Library SizeMore than 2,500,000 torrent files.
Mirror URLsLink 1, Link 2, Link 3

It was not all that well known, but with the passing of big names like KickAss Torrents and extended spans at which the Pirate Bay has been MIA, there have been lots of chances to grow.

Now, 1337X is just one of those big boys , using an Alexa ranking that place it at the top couple of torrent websites. We don't like the black and red website layout, but that is only a taste problem. From a performance perspective, the website is sharp as a tack.

There's also the broad Top 100 lists in each class. In addition you get trending torrent lists along with effortless navigation generally. This is a true choice to TBP, KickAss and the rest of the injured personalities of the P2P world.


8. Zooqle

Prominent FeaturesTV content and movies; Verified torrents.
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, anime, software, graphics, ebooks.
AvailabilityAvailable across the entire world.
Library SizeMore than 3,200,000 files.
Mirror URLsLink 1

Zooqle is among those newest kids on the block and as such, it strives to perform some interesting new items. The most important bash trick is the simple fact that torrents undergo a confirmation procedure. A degree of quality management we typically left to uploader teams who make it part of the standing.

Zooqle is devoted to TV and film Torrents. While this may limit the number of content, it will allow for some fantastic excellent advancements. To begin with, the website owners have produced a smart small API that attracts metadata on movie torrents from a picture database. It is quite polished and a fantastic representation of this newest creation torrent search engines.


9. LimeTorrents


Prominent FeaturesOne of the oldest; Plenty of torrents; Straightforward UI;
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, music, software, games, anime.
AvailabilityBanned in Australia, France, United Kingdom.
Library SizeMore than 9,500,000 torrent files.
Mirror URLsLink 1, Link 2

Speaking of the old generation, LimeTorrents has managed to dodge all the legal challenges and shutdowns other big names have been hit with.

Mainly, the site has managed this by being very careful about what they actually host in terms of data. Instead of putting actual torrent files (which had become legally dodgy) on the site, they just host hash values of those torrents.

At the moment, the site is truly going underground. It seems as the site is moving its torrent content to the deep web and you need to use the LimeTorrents client in order to access them. While this might seem a little overboard, LimeTorrents might very well be the last site standing when the dust finally settles. Which is why you should keep them in mind also best sites to watch movies tv shows fmovies.

10. ETTV Torrents


Prominent FeaturesGreat for downloading TV shows; Highly active community.
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, software, anime, books, music.
AvailabilityTargeted by individual ISPs.
Library SizeMore than 160,000 files.
Mirror URLsLink 1
VisitETTV Torrents

Although ETTV is a comparatively new torrent site, it immediately was able to construct a leading reputation. It is possible to observe this site often mentioned in the lists of the top sites for TV displays, in addition, it provides a complete assortment of content classes Best Sites To Watch Cartoons Anime Online For Free.

Upon launching ETTV Torrents on your browser, you will see a whole lot of torrents, such as notable TV shows. At the very best, there is a massive choice of popular search phrases, and there is a search bar too. As soon as you get into a particular torrent, you will realize you could download the two torrent and magnet files. Whichever way you move, your documents should download relatively quickly.


11. KATcr


Prominent FeaturesOne of the most long-standing; Plenty of torrents; Active community.
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, music, games, applications, anime, books, adult content.
AvailabilityTargeted by individual ISPs.
Library SizeUnknown (250,000+ presumably).
Mirror URLsLink 1

The entire global torrenting community felt the impact once the original KAT (KickassTorrents) disappeared. This was a brilliantly designed website with millions of daily visitors. So, it’s not surprising to see that numerous clones have appeared.

Among the best Kickass Torrent alternatives, KATcr stands above the rest. This is a clone of the original website where you won’t be able to tell the difference. You can download movies, TV shows, games, software, and anything else in between. There’s also a highly active community if you want to talk to like-minded individuals.

12. SeedPeer


Prominent FeaturesA decade on the scene; Advanced filtering options.
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, games, applications, music, books, anime, adult content.
AvailabilityTargeted by individual ISPs.
Library SizeUnknown (300,000+ presumably).
Mirror URLsLink 1

Numerous torrenting lovers have learned about SeedPeer once other popular torrent sites have vanished from the net. Nonetheless, this is not a brand new site. It has been online for over ten decades now, which tells a great deal.

SeedPeer has had its own ups and downs before but it feels like what is good today. The site does not have some offline periods and it delivers a great catalogue of documents. Every torrent offers loads of helpful information, which makes it effortless to decide on a healthful one also best site to watch anime is GoGoAnime.

13. Torrents.Me


Prominent FeaturesActs as a search engine; Helpful visual insights; Plenty of torrents.
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, anime, ebooks, software, applications, graphics, adult content.
AvailabilityMight be targeted by individual ISPs.
Library SizeTens of millions of torrent files.
Mirror URLs

Even though the best torrent sites look equally, there are a few that stand out thanks for their instinctive design. TorrentsMe is among these sites. In reality, this really is a torrents search engine which scrapes data from a lot of exceptionally active repositories also best website to watch anime is Kisscartoon Alternatives.

Even in the event that you don't understand what to download, this site will offer a lot of suggestions. You are able to see what is popular on the internet, what other men and women are saying, and what's broken down into easily comprehensible classes.


14. Torrent Downloads


Prominent FeaturesIncredibly large repository; Plenty of healthy torrents; A large number of seeders.
Types of ContentTV shows, movies, music, ebooks, game, software.
AvailabilityNot available in the United Kingdom.
Library SizeMore than 16,000,000 torrent files.
Mirror URLsLink 1
VisitTorrent Downloads

Though this site brings a generic title and somewhat dull layout, trust us that this is only one of the best torrent websites at the moment. It has been in existence for quite a while and moved through many iterations also watch best Watch Anime Online Free Streaming Sites.

This is a massive library of torrents out of practically any kind possible. You'll be able to download pictures, TV shows, songs, novels, and nearly everything else. Each torrent has a detailed outline, for example, information linked to its wellbeing. And there is also a wonderful way to navigate popular torrents, dependent on various days.


15. EZTV


Prominent FeaturesA well-known name; Reliable torrents; No malware.
Types of ContentTV shows.
AvailabilityBlocked in Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom.
Library SizeMore than 150,000 files.
Mirror URLsLink 1

The final entry on our list is EZTV – a hugely popular group that’s known for TV show releases. They have been around for quite some time, which is one of the reasons why the website looks somewhat outdated.

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